Karl Gnass | CLIENTS
Karl Gnass is a master draftsman with an expert understanding of the human and animal forms. His grasp of movement, anatomy, and energy has made him an in demand advisor to an animation industry eager to infuse more authenticity into its character and creature designs.
Karl Gnass, draftsman, anatomy, energy, movement, animation
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Gnass consulted on authentic body construction and movement dynamics for the major characters.



At director Glenn Keane’s request, Gnass developed a Dynamic Figure for Maya class to help Disney computer animators incorporate authentic movement with the then-emerging 3D rendering technology.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Gnass worked on the development, design, and weight of the Bathroom Troll.



Gnass consulted on aspects of Dr. Manhattan’s movement.

I Am Legend

I Am Legend:

Gnass consulted on the authenticity of the anatomical structure of Alpha Male Darkseeker.

Hollow Man

Hollow Man:

Gnass developed the facial anatomy and expressions for the Gorilla.

Stuart Little 2

Stuart Little 2: 

Gnass consulted and instructed on bird anatomy for more authentic movement.

Stuart Little

Stuart Little:

Karl Gnass created an underlying hybrid of human and rodent anatomy to enable Stuart’s face full range of human expression. He then prepared 30 emotions—from anger to joy, each at three different angles—using this facial anatomy.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express: 

Gnass worked with the Visual Development artists to help them interpret the important visual themes from the book on which the film was based.